Theseus has a framework for delivering this type of service to its clients. This framework is depicted below in Figure 1, our Service Delivery Process. This process defines how we deliver services to our clients. An overview of each phase of the Service Delivery Process is provided in the following sections and is applied to this project in the Project Approach section that follows.

Needs Analysis

To provide a service it is important to fully understand the needs of our clients. Theseus Professionals use proven and successful techniques to elicit the needs of clients.

This information gathering step can range from interviews of key staff to the development and performance of a formal survey. The objective is to determine the direction that the organization wants its program to go.

Course of Action

From the information gained during the needs analysis a course of action can be developed. The course of action may include short- and long-term actions. For example, short-term objectives might require the development of a Project Plan that outlines the strategy, steps, and resources needed to achieve management’s objectives. A long-term action might include outlining the level of commitment for a

Theseus Professional to support maintaining and improving the existing management systems. It is expected that a course of action will be proposed at the end of the needs analysis and formalized in a document (e.g., plan, outline, etc.).


Performance is dependent on the course of action selected. For example, performance may include periodic consulting sessions, where issues are discussed, and interpretations and recommendations are provided. Performance may involve coaching or mentoring an employee who would fill a position on issues related to standards and regulatory compliance or process improvement.

Performance may also include other consulting and training activities, such as setting up a measurement program, performing document reviews for improvement and compliance, participating in management review, conducting internal audits, or conducting training related leading to meeting an organization’s objectives.


A successful relationship with a customer depends on the results that the consulting firm can deliver. Theseus Professionals are results driven, whether delivered results are measurable process improvements, compliance or certification to a standard or regulation, or effective training.

Other results may evolve as the relationship continues and may include internal audits that lead to improvements and business-related recommendations that are comprehensive, unbiased, and provide sufficient information for management to make decisions.