Powered by our wealth of experience spanning several decades

Theseus is an industry-certified team of dedicated, knowledgeable professionals focused on delivering top level engineering, security design and quality assurance consulting services. Our foundation was built on providing our clients with proven management systems and customized, comprehensive and innovative solutions to the most complex security design and compliance issues. Unlike other firms, our designers, engineers, and quality professionals are submerged in the latest security technology, regulatory and standards requirements, and trends on a daily basis, always maintaining a vision for tomorrow and delivering excellence in everything we do.

Fortified by rock solid research and knowledge

Theseus effectively and efficiently interprets and implements the latest quality assurance standards, regulations and requirements affecting you and your business. Through our highly-trained network of professionals, we provide quality management consulting services to quickly react to meet your specific needs.

Our services range from implementing management systems to coaching and mentoring organizations through implementation, and are established upon our pillars of knowledge in a wide range of standards, regulations, and improvement models. We pride ourselves in aiding in your process advancement, always aiming for you to achieve heightened success.

Inspired by cutting edge design and technology

Theseus provides comprehensive engineering services using proven platforms and strategic systems that ensure the utmost safety, security and superior functioning of your facilities. Constantly in close communication with representatives from all physical security related industries, our extensive field expertise ensures you comply with all phases of the security system life cycle.

And we go beyond meeting minimum requirements by conducting audits, risk assessments and peer reviews to help clients exceed industry standards. We serve clients in a wide range of fields, always with an eye for detail and personalized service, because we understand the importance you place on operating your organization at peak performance now and into the future.

Engineering Services

Theseus Academy

Norman P. Moreau, PE, CSQE, CQA


As CEO of Theseus Professional Services and managing member of the Partnership, Norm directs the operation of this Veteran Owned Small Business. As a principal consultant he has over 30 years of experience in quality and process management, project management, engineering, and organizational administration. Norm has coached, mentored, assisted, and trained organizations in their quest for process improvement, implementing quality management systems, and achieving performance excellence.

Mr. Moreau has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a Master of Science in Software Engineering Administration. He has been a certified lead auditor in the nuclear industry since 1989. He is also a certified lead auditor for ISO 9001, and an auditor for ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, and ISO 20000. Norm has been an active member of ASME NQA-1 since 1992 and is a former co-Vice Chair and Executive Committee Chair of the Main Committee. In 2016, Mr. Moreau was recognized as an ASME Fellow for his work on the NQA-1 standard and for his leadership in the nuclear industry.

Eric Moreau, PSP


Eric Moreau is a highly-experienced security professional with over 15 years of professional engineering experience, disciplined in multiple areas of the security industry.

He is responsible for the design of sophisticated, integrated security systems, including personnel and vehicular access control systems, biometric verification systems, interior and exterior intrusion detection systems, video surveillance systems, intercom and emergency telephone systems, turnstiles, physical barriers (fencing, bollards and gates), fire and building code compliance. He also specializes in risk assessments, developing budgets, creating construction documents and specifications for proposals, and analyzing and leveling bids.